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Choosing Gifts for kids is hard.
we know.

Finding a gift that will hit the mark is near impossible

We often take the quick route - Impersonal store-bought presents

Coming up empty-handed after Searching high and low for a book that resonates with a particular challenge your child is facing


Magic Tales can help with custom books tailored to a child's specific needs and experiences.

Happy customers 💕

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Easy online ordering

Create a fully illustrated book in minutes, shipped to you

A story that fits you

Endless possibilities with a story that is tailored to the child

Delight your loved ones

Hardcover beautifully printed book that will endure a liftime of joyous reading

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The science behind our books

Studies have showed that Reading to a child raises IQ by 6 points!

As parents ourselves, we know how hard it is to find the right kind of story that is both educational and captivating.

We are a team of professionals, led by a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist, a Family Therapist and a tech expert who have spent their career helping families with these types of challanges.


We have curated a list of themes, challanges and educational topics a child might experience at different ages.

We will help you come up with the perfect story based on your child needs and allow you to fully customize the story and illustrations to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

Want to stay in the know about reading with children?


We've done all the research, interviewed experts (and summarized into short, practical emails) so that you don't have to

What's important to read with a child?

How do I get them to be more interested in books?

How can I set them up right now to be successful adults by reading?

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