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Conveying the Importance of Family through Children's Books

Talking to your child about the value of family can be both rewarding and challenging. Over time, various methods have been proposed to help make this process easier. A universally acknowledged technique is using the medium of children’s books, which help children understand complex concepts through simple narratives and playful illustrations.

Why are Children's books effective tools of communication?
Children's books are captivating tools of learning because they have the power to engage a child’s imagination and broaden their understanding of the world. The simplicity and relatability of these stories make complex subjects like 'family values' easily digestible for them. Books help kids to observe, envisage, and identify with characters, thereby often encouraging empathy and understanding.

How to Choose the Right Book?
While there are numerous children's books available, we need to choose the ones that hold a clear message about family values. Books like 'We Belong Together' by Joyce Wan and 'The Great Big Book of Families' by Mary Hoffman offer valuable lessons about the importance of family. Choosing age-appropriate books is also crucial to ensure the child comprehends the message effectively.

How to Discuss the Book?
After reading the book, having a discussion with your child can reinforce the learnings. Ask them about their favorite part, the character they liked the most, and how they felt about the story. Use these discussions as a segue to talk about their family's values and significance.

Be the Example
No book can replace the raw and personal lessons that can be learnt from observing one's own family. Your actions, words, and acknowledgment of each family member contributes to shaping their perspective of 'family'. Keep reinforcing the lessons embedded in the story in real life; this helps children associate the book’s moral with your family.

In conclusion, taking the help of children's books to talk about family values provides a fundamental and joyous approach for teaching essential life lesson. It not only enriches the child's reading experience but also creates an early taste and appreciation for literature. Happy reading and happy teaching!

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