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Cracking the Number Code: How to Encourage your Child to Love Numbers with Storybooks

Mathematics is arguably not the most loved subject among children. However, the trick lies in how it's introduced to them. If introduced right, numbers can turn into fascinating characters with rich stories in the little minds of children. In this post, we reveal ways of fostering the love for numbers in your child using storybooks at an early age.

Nurturing Early Mathematical Skills through Books
One of the most wonderful attributes of children storybooks is the power to ignite imagination. As parents or educators, incorporating children's books that intricately weave numbers and mathematics into their plots can be an invaluable tool for teaching kids about numbers and calculations. The exposure to storybooks that have numerical elements in their narrative helps to demystify numbers and mathematics as a whole.

Introduce Books with Numerical Characters
Children books are available that personify numbers as characters. Numbers taking human forms, having feelings, and overcoming difficulties, can significantly help children connect with numbers on an emotional level. Books like Numberland, The Adventures of Zero and The Day Number Five Quit are a great start. When numbers come alive in stories, children can understand the value, the importance and the use of numbers in a more meaningful context.

Utilize rhymes and patterns
Remember how everyone remembered '30 days hath September ...'? Rhymes and patterns have a way of making things stick in our minds. Storybooks that employ these techniques make it easier for children to remember numbers and their orders. Also, they introduce the child to the concept of patterns, an essential category in numeracy. Ten Little Ladybugs or One, Two, Buckle My Shoe employs this technique perfectly.

Predictable Books
Predictable books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar with repeated lines chains or phrases support the learning of numbers and help children anticipate what comes next, thus improving their numerical count.

Incorporate Games involving numbers
While reading books with numerical content, make sure to incorporate games. Ask them to count the 'Five little monkeys' or the 'Ten apples up on top'. This interactive involvement reinforces number concepts and makes learning even more fun.

Finally, remember to make book reading a cherished habit. It is not a task but an interactive coupling, inculcating the essence of learning. It may take a little effort to get your child interested in numbers, but once you do, they will have a critical tool at their disposal. Numbers are the basic blocks of the society we live in, and helping children to be friendly with numbers will assure their confident strides in future.

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