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Kickstart the School Journey – The Power of Reading with your Child about Starting School

School, a magical realm packed with fresh ideas, startling imaginations and blooming friendships — an intimidating and exhilarating experience for your little ones. Countless tales unfold on the playground, within classrooms, and among students. Preparation is vital and books play an integral part in it. So, why is reading with a child about starting school so important?

1. Harnessing feelings of nervousness:
Starting a new school can give rise to anxious moments for some, while others may be taken over by overwhelming enthusiasm. Reading books about starting school helps in addressing these apprehensions, gives them a better understanding and helps them cope with their emotions.

2. Decode mischief, Blend in Fun:
'The Principal from the Black Lagoon,' 'Junie B. Jones,' and 'David Goes to School' are a few books that beautifully carve out situations of mischief, bits of fun, and tiny nuances of school life. Reading these books equips your child to navigate through situations with a pinch of fun and a spoonful of wisdom.

3. Visualizing School Routines:
Books like 'The Night Before Kindergarten' and 'First Day Jitters' inform your kids about what they can expect at school – the classroom, teachers, lunch breaks, bus rides, schedules, and so on. This helps in setting the right expectations and preparing them mentally for the routine.

4. Sharing Roles and Characters:
By reading stories about school, children come across a wide array of roles and characters such as ‘the bully,’ ‘the class clown,’ ‘the introvert,’ ‘the enthusiastic teacher,’ etc. This gives them the opportunity to discuss these roles, and how to interact with diverse personalities.

5. Learning About the Power of Friendship:
Books like 'My Best Friend' by Pat Hutchins, 'I am Too Absolutely Small for School' by Lauren Child teach the value of friendship right from the start. Learning to make friends is a crucial skill and reading with your child can help to foster this.

6. Building Empathy:
Reading about starting school helps children to relate to the feelings of other kids, fostering a sense of empathy. Whether it’s the youngster’s first day or the teacher’s, storybooks help kids understand different perspectives.

7. Enhancing Vocabulary:
Nothing enriches vocabulary faster than reading! Introducing words such as 'classroom,' 'lunchbox,' 'homework,' can familiarize your child with the language that’s used in school.

Reading about school with your child is a wonderful way to prepare them for their big day, thus making the adventure of education an exciting one. Let us make their first step in the world of knowledge a memorable and joyous experience. Happy Reading!

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