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Story Time Magic: Teach Your Child the Power of Sharing Through Children's Books

Once Upon a Share:Pedagogy through Picture Books
Sharing is a core value that helps develop empathy and kindness in children. But how can we, as parents, effectively instill this quality in our little ones? The answer is simpler than you might think - by harnessing the power of children's books and meaningful story times!!!
The Realm of Children's Literature:
Imagine a sanctuary where values are sketched in colourful images and moral lessons teased out through disarming, enjoyable narratives. This realm is none other than the vibrant universe of children's literature. Here, the abstract concept of sharing is unpacked and simplified into palpable examples that resonate with the young minds.
Opening the Pages of Sharing:
There is a multitude of fantastic children's books that weave valuable stories around the theme of sharing. Books like 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister, 'Should I Share My Ice Cream?' by Mo Willems and 'Llama Llama Time to Share' by Anna Dewdney makes the concept of sharing relatable and understandable for children.
Magic within the Lines:
In these stories, children see their favourite characters sharing toys, food, or even happiness and sadness. They see the smile that blossoms on the face of a friend when their beloved character decides to share their favourite toy. In turn, they understand, value, and emulate the beauty of sharing.
Bookish Lessons solidified during Playtime:
Books alone won't cement the concept of sharing in a child's mind; it must be reinforced in their real-life actions. Encourage your child to apply these bookish lessons during their playtime sessions. Hold gentle conversations explaining how much their friend would enjoy playing with the toy, just like the character did in the story. This practice will help in threading the lessons of sharing into the fabric of their everyday lives.
Family Reading Hour:
You, the parent, are the chief narrator of these tales of sharing. During your family reading hours, emphasise on the moments when a character shares. Discuss how happy it made everyone when the ice cream was shared, or how a simple act of kindness can make someone’s day.
Read, Share, Repeat:
Visit your local bookstore, library or e-store regularly and look out for books that spotlight sharing and kindness in their storylines – they are tools of empathy in disguise. Remember that instilling a value requires repetition, so read, share, repeat.
Children's books and meaningful story times provide a unique avenue for teaching children about sharing. They offer a premise where lessons are learned effortlessly, joyously, and thoughtfully, one page at a time. So, let's harness this power, instill key values in our youth, and create a kinder world, one share at a time!

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